ColourPop Cosmetics

ColourPop is one of my favorite brands due to their various bundles and collaborations with popular culture media icons. They have a plethora of cosmetic items for your whole face, and their sister company, SolBody, covers the rest of you.

The Brand

Based in California, ColourPop Cosmetics is a dedicated to crafting great products at affordable prices and adhere to a no animal testing policy. They have created product lines inspired by Sailor Moon, Disney Princesses, Star Wars, and influencers like Snitchery. Plus, they have collections for the holidays and every season. You can shop online or in Target stores and follow them on social media (@colourpopcosmetics or @coloupopco) to see what is coming out next!

Makeup Review

I have several collections from ColourPop, including the Nightmare Before Christmas collab (pictured above) and use their products in almost every look I create. Their bundles contain a lot of amazing beauty and skincare items, from eyeshadows to lipsticks, brushes, liners, and other goodies (like the Black Flame candle and Binx handheld mirror in their Hocus Pocus collection). I have liked every product I’ve tried from them, from the color to how it feels on my skin. While the pricing can be a bit, well, pricey for my budget, they do have sales and value sets, as well as individual items with each collection they release.

My only gripe is their collaboration with the Harry Potter franchise, a once-beloved children’s book series that has now turned sour in a lot of people’s mouths due to the anti-trans sentiments of the author. While I understand this collection was highly requested in the past, their timing of release was a bit late and aligned them with a negative group. Hopefully they can rebound and think more carefully about who they partner with in the future.

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