Community Guidelines

Welcome to the community! This blog is meant to be a positive experience for all, so here are a few guidelines to follow when commenting on posts and responding to others. First, all comments are moderated and must be approved before they will appear on the blog. Second, users who do not follow these guidelines are subject to being blocked or banned from commenting. Users will be warned first if an issue occurs, and will be banned if the issue persists after the warning. Legal action will be taken if a user’s comment contains threats of harm (whether to the self or others), harassment, personally identifying information, and other illegal content. These comments will be reported and sent to necessary legal agencies.

  • Be kind. Harassment, hate speech, and inappropriate language will not be tolerated here. These comments will be deleted and the user will be warned against using such langauge again.
  • No spam. Do not use the comments section to promote something unrelated to the post or spam fake companies and services. All spam comments will be reported and users blocked.
  • Properly cite or link to sources. If you reference an outside source, please cite it or provide a reputable link to it for others to follow. Do not include links to malware or phishing attempts.

I reserve the right to delete comments if they do not follow these guidelines or are irrelevant to the conversation/post they are attributed to.

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