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I’m Niki; a writer, gamer, and model.

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The Batman (2022) Movie Review

Those who know me are aware of my love for The Bat. Batman is my favorite comic book character for a variety of reasons, so when the new movie from DC was announced, I knew I had…

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Animal Crossing Island Tour Vlog!

In celebration of the new update, I take you on a tour of my island on Animal Crossing! Join me on an adventure around my New Horizon’s island to see all of the cool things I’ve done…

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I’m finally playing Kingdom Hearts 3

I know, I’m late to the game — literally. But since Kingdom Hearts 4 (IV) was announced, I figured now is as good a time as ever to play the third (well, more like thirteenth) installment in…

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Professionally, I’m a Front-End Web Developer, but as a hobby, I also promote fashion brands, play video games, and wear makeup. I dabble in modeling and photography, so this blog will bring you along on my journey!

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