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I’m Niki: a blogger, gamer, and model.

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Using Girl Math to Save Money

For years, I’ve been plagued with poor financial decision-making mistakes. Credit cards and loans have been the bane of my existence, along with shady banks trying to squeeze out every penny from my account. Even with a…

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Halloween Costume Ideas for 2023

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and as a cosplayer, I like to dress up all year long. This month, I put together a list of great Halloween costume ideas based on new and old movies, TV shows,…

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Fury Designs was created by Niki Fury to showcase her original digital graphic designs on all kinds of fun stuff. Proceeds from sales go towards the Melanoma Research Fund to help spread awareness and provide support to those battling skin cancer.



I offer to promote brands and products through sponsored articles, reviews, and collaborations.

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My professional website services include copywriting, analytics, and web development.


Professionally, I’m a front-end web developer, but as a hobby, I promote fashion brands, play video games, and wear makeup. I dabble in modeling and photography, so this blog will bring you along on my journey!

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