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I’m Niki: a blogger, gamer, and model.

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Exercising & Getting Fit

I was pretty active when I was younger; exercising a few times a week, having a gym membership where I did yoga, pole, and circus-style workouts, and always running around. For the last few years, however, I’ve…

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Be Iconic with Faux Thigh High Tights from iconografi!

Sponsored by iconografi Correction Note: The phrasing “designed to be inclusive of all body sizes” was edited to more accurately represent the current product offering. Alternative fashion brand iconografi creates all kinds of unique apparel and accessories,…

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In-game photo of my character in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Family Bonding with Animal Crossing: New Horizons

I’m obsessed with Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) for the Nintendo Switch. At the beginning of 2020 when it came out, I loved seeing everyone’s islands, their creativity, being able to visit each other, and a new…

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Fury Designs was created by Niki Fury to showcase her original digital graphic designs on all kinds of fun stuff. Proceeds from sales go towards the Melanoma Research Fund to help spread awareness and provide support to those battling skin cancer.

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#2: Interview with Twitch Affiliate BrookieGoose

In this episode of The Fury Podcast, I speak with Twitch Affiliate Streamer BrookieGoose about the games she likes to stream and her goals for the future. Tune in to learn more about streaming on Twitch and the benefits of being an Affiliate Streamer. Listen on Spotify and Anchor.

Brand Highlight: GOLDN

Goldn Logo

GOLDN The Brand is a black-owned small business that makes and designs fandom-inspired apparel and accessories. All of their products are handcrafted to be size-inclusive and comfortable for all body types. Check out my videos on IG & TikTok to see their clothing in action!

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Professionally, I’m a front-end web developer, but as a hobby, I promote fashion brands, play video games, and wear makeup. I dabble in modeling and photography, so this blog will bring you along on my journey!

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