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I am a front-end web developer focusing on user experience and content management with a BS in Digital Audiences from Arizona State University and BA in English from Flagler College. My specializations include web development and design using WordPress, Wix, and other platforms. I am currently learning JavaScript, SQL, React.js, and other full-stack developer programs.

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Company/Brand Websites

I provide freelance web development and management for small businesses, brands, as well as personal use. Below are some of my recent projects.

BioNews Websites

I currently manage the rare disease websites for BioNews, LLC, including I maintain the front-end content and design, create new pages for events and columnists, and work with the Ads teams. My projects included implementing a new custom theme, building out SEO resource pages, and working on user experience.

MakeMe Designs

I maintained the website for MakeMe Designs, a 3D printing company, on the Wix platform.

Note: This website is no longer live.

Fredneck Tattoo

I created the website for tattoo artist Fredneck using Wix.

Note: This website is no longer live.

Personal Websites

I have worked on personal and school-related websites for 20+ years. Below are some of my most recent designs.

Author Website

I created my author website,, using Glitch as a staging area to utilize my HTML and CSS coding skills. It was originally hosted on WordPress and is now being hosted by Wix.

The current version features home, about, book, blog, and store pages, as well as a media kit and reviews. There is a main page for all works, as well as pages for each individual book.

Cosplay Website

I have developed two iterations of my cosplay website,, both using Wix.

The current version features costume build portfolios and character galleries showing off the creation process from beginning to final results in a photo shoot. It also features a blog with tutorials and updates.

The home page has a rotating hero image banner that switches between several different cosplay photos on a timer basis. It also has a section for each costume build with links to the full page and a mini gallery at the bottom.

Y2K Blog

I am currently working on a blog/social platform site based around early 2000’s internet aesthetics and web design. The project is hosted on Glitch and you can read more about it on my blog post.

There is currently one page, which is the “profile” that features a two-column layout with a static sidebar on the left and a scrolling blog element on the right. The sidebar features an about section with a music player and chatbox (mockup). There is also a “top friends” section at the bottom which will link to other users.

Screenshot of the original author site in Glitch.
Hand-coded author site in Glitch

Screenshot of the home page.
Cosplay website on Wix

Screenshot of a Y2K-themed blog.
Y2K-themed blog in Glitch

Let’s build something together.

Themes & Templates

I have created themes for Tumblr blogs and templates for forums (ProBoards, Zetaboards). Below are a few of my favorite projects.

Screenshot of a three-column Tumblr blog theme for Bleach

Tumblr Theme: Bleach TYBW

I designed this theme to match the opening credits of the anime for Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War. This theme features a three-column layout with sidebars on the left and right, with buttons for linking pages. The mockup is being created in Glitch.

RP Character Sheet: Fate

I created a character sheet template for roleplay characters based on the Fate/Stay Night franchise by Type-Moon. The design is stored in Glitch.

Screenshot of a character profile template for roleplay forums.

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