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You might be thinking of the Saw franchise, but I’m talking about Dorian.Live, an app that lets you create your own visual novels with plot-based choices! Readers can interact with stories by leaving hearts, comments, and participating in livestreams. With my goal this year to focus more on my writing, I decided to branch out by creating my very first story on Dorian: Hannah Homicide.

A Road Trip + Amnesia = #CrimeThriller

Join the main character, who suffers from amnesia, on a road trip with a passenger she constantly forgets the name of in my new release, Hannah Homicide. Originally created as a short story based on a prompt, I decided to format this project into a visual novel on the Dorian app.

Along the way, you’ll be asking questions like: who are you? Who is the man traveling with you? Where are you going? When will your memories return from the war? And to make matters worse, there’s an escaped killer with national attention. With no idea where you are or a destination in mind, how do you avoid a murderer on the loose?

Episodic Releases

Stories have episodes readers can play through, comment on, and livestream for an audience. Writers create each episode using nodes within the app, which have options for dialogue, thoughts, narration, choices, and more. There are templates you can choose from as well as the option to create your story from scratch. You can also upload your own character and background art! This episodic nature reminds me of old-school publishing where writers produced serial chapters of their novels on a continuous basis. I plan to release episodes weekly and stream them a few days later so readers can play at their own leisure.

More to Come

I’m already working on another concept for my next story on Dorian, and am getting the hang of how to use the platform. I would love to collaborate with an artist to create unique character designs and backgrounds one day!

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