Final Fantasy 7’s 25th Anniversary Gave Fans Everything We Wanted & More

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Final Fantasy 7 fans, how are we feeling? Square Enix made a lot of huge announcements during the short but highly anticipated 25th anniversary stream that has everyone on my TL going crazy — in the best of ways.

Final Fantasy 7’s Impact

I’ve talked about my love of gaming before, which only intensified when I played Final Fantasy VII: Remake once it came out. Having missed out on the original but being aware of the characters and story due to being involved in media like Kingdom Hearts, I was excited to finally play the game in a remastered format — and I absolutely loved it. I’ve logged a lot of hours in Part 1 and replayed through the chapters several times, mostly to get the different cut scenes and endings that depended on dialogue choices or mini-games. So I’ve been waiting not-so-patiently for part 2 to come out, along with news of other compilations. Well, the 25th anniversary stream gave me what I wanted and so much more!

Stream Summary

The announcements include part 2 of the Final Fantasy 7 remake project, called Rebirth, with a first look trailer that has fan theories and art all over my social feeds. Square also announced a surprise: Crisis Core is being remastered/remade for consoles and PC! The new title is Reunion and has fans like me excited to finally be able to play the game, since the original is only available on the long discarded PSP. In addition to these two blockbuster pieces of news, Ever Crisis — the mobile game which plans to compile Final Fantasy 7’s story into one continuous playthrough — is coming along in production. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Short-haired/young Sephiroth (baby)
  • Zack Fair (Me? Gongaga)
  • Cloud and Sephiroth taking a nice walk together (just mortal enemies things~)
  • GENESIS RHAPSODOS (Infinite in wisdom is the gift of the Goddess)
  • “Wait, what are you implying…that I’m some kind of imposter?” (pretty sus)
Twitter user @EENIX


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is part two of the FF7 remake project. The long-awaited second installment is set to pick up after the first game left off, continuing the journey of Cloud, Aerith, Tifa, Barret, and Red XV. It will be launching for PS5 in winter of 2023 (which means I need to actually get a PS5 now). The trailer shows Cloud and Sephiroth walking together while character voice lines indicate that this story is more than simply a remaster of the original. Fans have already contemplated that this game could be in an alternate timeline, or perhaps a time travel Fix-It for the original story, as Zack Fair is shown alive at the ending of part 1 — where we all know he died in the orignal and bequeathed Cloud the Buster sword. Producer Yoshinori Kitase also stated that there would be a third game to wrap up this remake series, the title forthcoming.

Twitter user @aitaikimochi


For years — especially after the remake of FF7 was announced — fans have been asking for a port or remaster of the story’s prequel: Crisis Core. The game was originally developed for the PSP and introduced characters and backstories meant to fill in some of the plot. Chiefly the game focuses on Zack Fair, Cloud’s best friend during his trooper days (we even get to see Cadet Cloud and Nibelheim!). There are also First Class SOLDIERs Genesis Rhaspsodos and Angeal Hewley, Sephiroth’s good buddies before he snapped. Being able to play this story on consoles and PC will be a great way for fans to get to know more about these pivotal characters and the story leading up to the orignal game (especially if Remake and Rebirth are alternate timelines). Plus, I finally get to experience “Me? Gongaga!” for myself. Watch the trailer and see how it compares to the portable version.

Twitter user @Katgamer121


Other announcements included Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergade being available on Steam, which means more PC players will be able to play the intermission story featuring Yuffie from the original. The current battle royale mobile game The First SOLDIER is also doing well, with season 3 going strong. Along with the Crisis Core remaster news, there are plans for a collaboration with First SOLDIER (which could mean new skins or items).


Another mobile game, Ever Crisis, has been teased as a way for players to experience the entire compilation of FF7 — and it’s getting closer to release! A closed beta test was announced during the stream, along with a trailer to show off the gameplay. I’m excited about this project to provide a seamless playthrough of the original FF7 game, the prequel, and other spinoffs like Dirge of Cerberus.

Anniversary Merch

And of course, there’s new merchandise being released in honor of the 25th anniversary, which include new figures of the main characters, plushes, and an amazing Buster sword alarm clock that I can’t wait to get my grubby little paws on.

FF7 Buster sword alarm clock
Buster sword alarm clock

You can watch the whole event on Square Enix’s YouTube:

What are your theories about where the remake project is going? What do you think the third title will be called? Who else is excited to see Zack the puppy an the Firsts in 4K Ultra HD?

Source: Square Enix

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