Animal Crossing Island Tour Vlog!

In celebration of the new update, I take you on a tour of my island on Animal Crossing! Join me on an adventure around my New Horizon’s island to see all of the cool things I’ve done with it.

Welcome to Dabylon, the island of your dreams! I’m your host, Niki. Today we’ll be touring the island, and I’ll show you all of the wonderful things that myself and the rest of the villagers have made. We’ll start off with a brief look at my house, and then on to the Town Square, where K. K. Slider is holding his weekly Saturday night concerts. Then we’ll take a look at the campsite and exercise area, where plenty of tools and items of comfort are available. From there we’ll get to see one of the best parts of the island – and my personal favorite: the amusement park!

After we have some fun at the park, we’ll hop on over to the hot springs area overlooking the beautiful beach and sea under the night sky. We’ll chat with some of the locals, and then head over to the Museum, Able Sisters Shop, and my personal backyard garden. I hope you enjoy your tour of Dabylon!

Let me know what you think of my island and tell me about yours in the comments!

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