The Perfect Makeup!

When I saw the Cardcaptor Sakura makeup set by Perfect Diary, I was instantly in love. And of course after browsing the rest of their products, I had to add more to my cart. I did an unboxing video of the Cardcaptor Sakura set and then a makeup review video after trying it all on.

The Brand

Perfect Diary is a makeup and beauty brand based in China that has won numerous awards for their products and values. They are inspired by nature, geography, and popular series such as Cardcaptor Sakura. This beauty brand collaborates with brands such as Discovery, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and other companies to create makeup sets. You can become an Affiliate through their Perfect Diary Beauty Club to earn commission on referrals. Shop online or visit them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Makeup Review

I video blogged the unboxing of the Perfect Diary products I purchased as well as trying on the makeup from the Cardcaptor Sakura set.

Perfect Diary Unboxing Video
Perfect Diary Makeup Review Video

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