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I’m a Brand Ambassador for fashion and makeup companies. As a proud member of the LGBT+ community and self-titled Nerdlord Supreme, I geek out about all kinds of things!

I’m Niki, a 29-year old front-end web developer who has way too many hobbies. I am an avid video gamer, cosplayer, model, author, and the kind of person who builds websites for fun. You can find more about my writing on my author website. As a blogger and social media devotee, I am also a brand ambassador for various companies. From fashion and makeup to video games and anime, I love geeking out about the things I enjoy and sharing them with others. I am also a proud queer who supports LGBT+ businesses, as well as black-owned and BIPOC brands.

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Collab Services

Want to work with me? I can promote your brand or product with a review via blog post and on social media, with a video or photos showing off your work. As a brand ambassador, I post about the companies I promote and give my followers a unique discount code to shop with. For sponsorships, I offer premium content in exchange for monetary compensation or free products. I am also open to model clothing and accessories for print or digital ad campaigns. Contact me if you want to collaborate!

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Blog Highlights:

  • Weekly posts
  • Product reviews
  • Brand promotions
  • Sponsored posts
  • Collaborations


Professional background and experience in copywriting, editing, and web design, with Bachelor’s degrees in English and Digital Audiences.


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The following are brands I am an Ambassador for or endorse as good places to buy from or work with. I have products from each company, whether I bought them personally or they were given to me as an ambassador, and can attest to their quality.

Promo Codes

These are my discount codes for various brands to help my followers save money on awesome products! I also have referral links for anyone interested in becoming an ambassador.

That Sounds GayNikiracos/nikifury_
FemiBlossom (Accusling)AMBASS10
Mellow CosmeticsReferral Link
Wholesome CultureNIKIFURY
Discount codes


I highly recommend the following brands and companies for their products, customer service, and overall vibes. I have personally purchased and/or used products from these companies, or plan on buying from them in the future.

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