Using Girl Math to Save Money

For years, I’ve been plagued with poor financial decision-making mistakes. Credit cards and loans have been the bane of my existence, along with shady banks trying to squeeze out every penny from my account. Even with a full-time job that offers benefits and part-time gigs, I still struggle to make ends meet and live paycheck-to-paycheck.Continue reading “Using Girl Math to Save Money”

Halloween Costume Ideas for 2023

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and as a cosplayer, I like to dress up all year long. This month, I put together a list of great Halloween costume ideas based on new and old movies, TV shows, and video games to consider wearing for parties, events, or just at home for fun! The Addams FamilyContinue reading “Halloween Costume Ideas for 2023”

Would You Like to Join My Cult (of the Lamb)?

Around this time last year, I started playing Cult of the Lamb by Massive Monster and Devolver Digital, a cute game that’s perfect for the Halloween season. It follows a lamb who is doomed to be sacrificed to the Old Gods, but is instead saved and divinely chosen to resurrect an even older god. TheContinue reading “Would You Like to Join My Cult (of the Lamb)?”

Anime to show your Boomer parents

Sometimes it can be difficult trying to find common ground with your family. I watch a lot of anime and am involved in fandom communities, but my parents didn’t grow up on classic shows like Gundam Wing or Yu Yu Hakusho like I did. Toonami and Adult Swim raised me (when I wasn’t out ridingContinue reading “Anime to show your Boomer parents”

Final Fantasy 16 Review: My New Favorite Game

While (patiently) waiting for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and Ever Crisis to come out, I’ve been playing the latest installment in the franchise: Final Fantasy 16. And so far, I’m loving it! Here’s my review of Square Enix’s latest game, which I’m playing on the PS5. Warning: spoilers ahead. All about revenge If you knowContinue reading “Final Fantasy 16 Review: My New Favorite Game”

Blood and Glitter: Gay Pride in 2023

This post tackles some heavy subjects regarding how the LGBT community is treated. Please take care of yourself while reading. Let’s talk about pride. The month of June is usually a time of celebration for members of the LGBT community, with parades, parties, and plenty of merchandise thanks to rainbow capitalism. But in 2023, whenContinue reading “Blood and Glitter: Gay Pride in 2023”

May is for Melanoma

It’s almost summer! That means sun’s out, buns out, right? Maybe not. Did you know skin cancer is caused by UV light that comes from the sun and tanning beds? And that there are more than 200,000 cases of melanoma per year? If not, keep reading—it might just save a life. Skin Cancer & MelanomaContinue reading “May is for Melanoma”

Launching a Dream

I’m finally doing it. After years of planning and researching, I’m about to start my own independent publishing company. I’ve wanted to work in publishing for about as long as I’ve wanted to be an author, and since my first novel is being published, I wanted to pursue both dreams. I’m taking what I’ve learnedContinue reading “Launching a Dream”

Have You Played MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV Yet?

Have you heard of the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV? With an expanded free trial, you can play through the entirety of A Realm Reborn and the award-winning Heavensward expansion up to level 60 for free with no restrictions on playtime. All memes aside, I’ve actually played some of FFXIV on both PC andContinue reading “Have You Played MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV Yet?”

Being Aromantic & Asexual

It’s February, the month of Black History, Valentine’s Day and Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week (ASAW). As someone who is aromantic (aro) and asexual (ace), I want to talk about what it means to be aspec during the month of love. What is aspec? I talked about being queer before and my journey to discovering myContinue reading “Being Aromantic & Asexual”