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For today’s blog post, I’m doing something different: a recording of a previous post, #PlantLifeIsBestLife, as my first podcast episode. You can read along while listening to the episode below.

In the first episode of The Fury Podcast, I read from a previous blog talking about my love of plants and how I adopted so many for my home during the pandemic. Listen on to hear about how #PlantLifeIsBestLife! You can also listen to this episode on Anchor and Spotify.

Episode 1: #PlantLifeIsBestLife


I have always loved plants. Staying indoors due to COVID-19 meant buying them was a must since I couldn’t visit the lovely gardens and plant babies at my friends’ houses.

And so it begins…

It started off with one or two coming from my monthly subscription to Lunarly, but with the opening of a new plant store nearby, it soon became an obsession. Now I have succulents everywhere, in addition to a money tree, Norfolk Island pine, a teeny tiny air plant, pothos, and more. Since making this post I’ve actually had even more succulents, another air plant, and more plants arrive. After getting the right tools and accessories, I started re-potting and decorating.

Naturally, I also took a plant to my work office where it sits at my desk for instant serotonin. It fits in well with the other large ferns and vines already vibing with laptops and big screens. Who says technology and nature don’t go together? I would like to say that the one in the office is okay, it’s not the best but it’s not dying.

So do I have a green or black thumb?

When I initially went in search of some house plants, I asked for ones I absolutely could not kill. This was because I had some poor succulents lose their will to live after over-watering them, not giving them enough sunlight, or just forgetting they were there. Oops…

Thankfully, I was pointed in the right direction and found the right ones for my busy schedule. Armed with information, hopefully I can turn my black thumb into a green one.

Join the #PlantLife

Want some house plants of your own? Here are some good guides to getting the best ones for your environment and care requirements:

Since writing this blog I have been trying really hard to take care of the plants that I have, and just trying to balance the right amount of sunlight, the right amount of watering so that they’re not overwatered or underwatered, and just kind of making sure that they are still beautiful, lovely, and great. I’m not the best at it, but so far they haven’t all completely died, which I think is a credit.

Let me know what topics you’d like me to do for future podcast episodes in the comments below.

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